Understand your diagnoses:

Understanding your diagnosis is an important part of your medical care. At East Valley Hematology and Medical Oncology group, we will explain your disease as thoroughly as possible. We will answer your questions completely and honestly, and provide you with valuable resources for learning more.

You can expect us to discuss many of the following with you about your diagnosis:

Diagnostic tests or procedures you may need, and how often
What these tests will tell us about your disease
How to prepare for the tests
Prognostic information
What can be done to manage the symptoms of your disease
Procedures to treat your disease
How to manage side effects

Understand your treatment options:

Our clinical team evaluates the latest advances and proven treatments to identify a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. In making recommendations about your treatment, we will consider many factors, including your medical history, current health, and risks and benefits of various treatment options. When discussing your treatment options, we will also want you to know our goals and expected results for the treatment, as well as what can be expected during the treatment process.

Manage side effects:

While each patient is different and will respond differently to treatments, many of today's newer drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, cause fewer side effects than older drugs. Also, significant progress has been made in the ability to manage side effects should they occur.

For your reference, the following websites provide general information on managing side effects:

General side effect Q&A at American Cancer Society: